About Woolwarmers

All our products are hand made, nature friendly, manufactured in the EU and made of 100% quality sheep wool.

The Wool Woolwarmers products are made from 100% pure virgin wool from sheep that originate from Europe. The wool is washed with chemicals so that any remaining dirt is removed. The wool is then knitted by machine before being manually put together with a cow leather sole and made into Woolwarmers slippers. This whole process takes place in the European Union.

The Sheepskin Leather

The sheepskins used for Woolwarmers suede and leather products are from Europe and the USA. Tanning these coats is done according to European and American regulations. Woolwarmers works together with various suppliers, who in turn buy the sheepskins from various tanneries. That is why it is difficult to say whether the sheepskins used are ecologically tanned.

Animal Welfare

It is important to know that a sheepskin is a residual product and that the sheep are not slaughtered for the fur. To date, there are no cases known to us that any sheep may have lived under unfriendly conditions.

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